Experience Plan with accomodation

We offer a variety of experience plans that you can enjoy together with accommodation. Please enjoy with your family and friends.
To make a reservation, please check “Hoyaranoie booking page” and write down the name of the desired experience in a comment box.

2/12/2022 Making Makomo Shimekazari(Traditional New year’s sacred decoration)

We make decorations with makomo, which is said to be the grass where the gods reside.

Time: 10:00-12:00
Fee:5000 yen (with one drink)
Max 6 people

2/12/2022 Making cannabis Shimekazari(Traditional New year’s sacred decoration)

It is an indispensable item for purification and Shinto rituals, and a permit system was introduced to prevent its extinction. Most of the hemp that is still cultivated is used at shrines.
Since ancient times, it has been considered a plant to ward off evil spirits and invite the gods.
*We recommend that you use cannabis shimekazari throughout the year.
*Uses semen from Tochigi Prefecture

Time: 13:30-15:30
Fee:5000 yen
Max 8 people

Making Cannabis accessories

Cannabis has been deeply involved in Japanese life, culture, and beliefs since ancient times. It is widely used for everything from clothing worn in field work to Shinto rituals, and is also used as a talisman to ward off evil. This is a playful workshop where you can touch domestic hemp, which is now very rare.

You can make…
• Twine • Tassel • Awaji knot (applied chrysanthemum) charm • Hemp broom • Makomo bamboo turtle

Participation fee: Inquiry required*
Required time: Inquiry required*
Date: 24th of every month (Please inquire as it may not be held)
*depending on the item being produced

Dried persimmon making experience (until 11/10/2022)

Let’s make dried persimmons together. It’s a simple task that even a child can do. We use pesticide-free persimmons harvested at the end of October.

Date: Please let us know your preferred date. (Until around 11/10)
Time: About 2 hours
fee: 500 yen (includes one drink)
What to bring: None
Capacity: 6 people
For those who wish, we will give you persimmons for drying persimmons for work at home.

We are planning to add various other experiences! Please look forward to it.

Experiment room

We renovated the second floor of our old house so that it can be used for experiences. The floor is made of cedar wood that is soft to the touch, and you can enjoy the view of Mt. Ikeda and Mimizu River from the window.