Honyaranoie’s Guidance

Thank you for your reservation. Please read below previously.


Ono onsen(hot spa) is a 5 minutes walk from our guesthouse.

(Booking directly) When you arrive, we will give you a ticket for the number of adults to bathe in Ono Onsen.For children, please purchase tickets at Ono onsen.

(Booking through AirB&B or Private reservation)Onsen tickets are not included for those who use airB&B or who make a charter reservation.


We eat meal with altogether include guests and host family.
Feel free to bring your own drinks or food.


We do not have any amenities. Please prepare your own nightwear, toothbrush, towel, etc.


If you complete the check-in procedures in advance, your check-in will go smoothly on the day. Please fill out the form below.
If you have a different address, please fill out one for each person.


Honyaranoie Adress:

Car or Bike
Please Come to below and park your car in the gravel parking lot temporarily.We will let you know where to park for night when you come.


public transportation

Buses are available.

>>From JR Gifu Station(JR岐阜駅)

Get on the bus to “Ono bus center(大野バスセンター)” and get off “Aiba” bus stop. It takes about 50 min.
Honyaranoie is a 5 min walk from the bus stop.

>>From JR Ogaki Station(JR大垣駅)

Get on the bus to “Ono bus center(大野バスセンター)” and get off “Koebi” bus stop. It takes about 15 min.
Honyaranoie is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.

For more information , check out our Youtube channel.

From JR Gifu station
From JR Ogaki station

If you let us know in advance, we may be able to pick you up from Kitakata Makuwa Station on the Tarumi Railway or from Palette Pia Ono Roadside Station (direct bus from Nagoya, Nishimi Liner available).


If you have any question, feel free to contact us via Email or phone call.

We are looking forward to seeing you!